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We love Ohbot – MADE IN STROUD

We love Ohbot – MADE IN STROUD

We love this robot so much it is going to be used as a major part of level 1 and 2 course.  Some of the suggested projects are attached.

Project  Title Level Description Additional Requirements
RoboActor 1 Program the robot to act out a famous scene from your favourite film.  Even better if two robots could be used. None
RoboRap 1 To rap out your favourite music.  To activate led hair or optic fibre hair at same time Optic fibre hair connected to Ohbot and activated from 3 spare ports
RoboReceptionist 1 Use light, touch and distance sensors to activate speech and intonation.


Extension use more sensor

Add sensors to the kit
Roboactor 2 Act not only with facial response but movement of 2 D limb structure with 7 servo motors.


Wire and build an extension kit.  Program so that the acting also reacts to light sound and touch

Need to program I2C and have an extension board for 7 extra servos


Need to create a 2D jointed frame laser cut for the robot

Robospaceman 3 – 4 Send the robot to near space using a weather balloon and record experience.


This would be a replica of the Ohbott project.  It would require a video recording device.  Materials would have to be hardened.  This could be done as a 4 person project.

Weather balloon



Temperature sensor

Video capture device




RoboReactive 3 Connect the Ohbot to the Google AI and text to voice control.  Connect to raspberry pi.  Consider the Ohbot recording and publishing to the web class conversations Raspberry pi acting as webserver
RudeBot 4 Connect to Ohbot to Google’s visual recognition AI and get it to say things about people as they pass by.  Similar to Ohbot project at Manchester Museum but with simpler visual recognition Raspberry pi

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