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Scratch & Arduino Review

While building the explorer phase we thought it was really important to build on students knowledge of scratch.  Perhaps the most interesting approach to this is to integrate the game environment with outside world.  We found the best product for integration with Scratch to be Makeblock:

We reviewed the following products:

Program Advantages Disadvantages Rating
S2aio Gives direct connection to arduino board.

Has enough logic for sensor reading servos and dc motors

Downloadable and uses offline editor

Presently only got IO working.  Analog appears to be more challenging, we are still working on this

S2aio complicated to setup and temperamental

Partly working

s4A Based on Scratch 1.4 and stable

Wider use

Not presently in development

Scratch 1.4 outdated

Scratchx Extensions Development platform for scratch with examples for arduino

Active community

Roughly part of scratch

The sketches are personally developed

No team effort

The browser pluggins are not supported and therefore it is an unstable solution

Makeblock A branch of scratch 2.0.  Fully integrated with their modified Arduino boards.

Clear development process

Large number of supported sensors

Linked to a commercial product

Sensors are connected by rj45 which reduces the i/o

More costly than native Arduino


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